Seoul Ethereum Meetup Founder and Organizer, the largest blockchain community in Korea.
Specialized in Ethereum and dApp technology development.
Established and successfully operated a number of venture companies in the e-commerce area (Acecom, ResellerBid, Geogan).
Seoul National University, Department of Journalism and Information Science.
(B.A. and M.A.)

25 years of experience in financial engineering and technology consulting.
Seoul Ethereum Meetup Co-organizer.
Specialized in practical application of advanced mathematical theory.
(Financial Engineering, Asset Valuation, Secure MPC)
IBM, multiple financial institutions experience.
KAIST Management Engineering. (M.S. and Ph.D)
KAIST Mathematics. (B.S.)

Blockchain research and development.
AI/Machine Learning Research and Development.
IoT and social network research.
Urban and real estate development business experience.
Seoul National University Urban Engineering. (B.A)
University of North Carolina Urban Planning. (M.S.)
Computer Science at North Carolina State University. (M.S and Ph.D)

BlockChain Wallet & Dapp

Business & Marketing